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Landscape Photography


Welcome to my photography website and thank you for visiting! My name is Andrea and I love to explore in the mountains, chase sunsets, take photos, and spread happiness. I'm passionate about photography and I try to capture the candid moments I see in my everyday life. I started Spirit Bird Media a few years ago as a travel blog where I would write about the many places I would travel to, and the wonderful people I would meet. 

With the recent challenging times in which we found ourselves, traveling was out of the question. I had to find something else to keep my creative mind busy, so I used all of the free time that was given to me to take online courses and follow my passions. I am excited to share with you the wonderful photography portfolio I created, which I hope you will enjoy. Most of my photography is from my different adventures exploring the west coast of Canada. 

Through time and the seasons, Spirit Bird Media keeps evolving into an expression of who I am, what I love and what I believe in. Creating everything that Spirit Bird Media is today was hard work and definitely worth it. Keep checking this space as I will update my portfolio and print shop on a regular basis. 



A love affair with the mountains




As a mountain & lifestyle photographer, I am always searching for beautiful moments in my outdoor adventures. I view my passion for photography as an opportunity to capture those moments and share them with the world. Most of my photos were taken in beautiful British Columbia where I spend most of my time. My favorite subject to shoot at the moment is mountain sunsets. I am always up for outdoor adventures, collaborations or new photoshoot ideas so please don't be afraid to contact me if you want to get creative outside! 



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