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Landscape Photography


Welcome to my photography website and thank you for visiting! My name is Andrea and I am a landscape photographer located in British Columbia, Canada. I love to explore the mountains, chase sunsets, and ignite the wanderer in you through my photography. I am passionate about capturing unique views and candid moments that I see in my everyday life. Let me show you the beauty around us with a different eye. 

Most of my photography is from places on the west coast of Canada. Select prints are available for purchase in my online shop. Contact me for custom print orders.

Bright light - Landscape Photography
Lilac Ocean - Landscape Photography
Mountain Sunset - Landscape Photography
Scarlett Paintbrush - Landscape Photography
Fairytale Mountain - Landscape Photography



As a mountain & lifestyle photographer, I am always searching for beautiful moments in my outdoor adventures. I view my passion for photography as an opportunity to capture those moments and share them with the world. Most of my photos were taken in beautiful British Columbia where I spend most of my time. My favorite subject to shoot at the moment is mountain sunsets. I am always up for outdoor adventures, collaborations or new photoshoot ideas so please don't be afraid to contact me if you want to get creative outside! 



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