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Squamish Delight Photo

The story behind the shot

When visiting Squamish in British Columbia, I like to go back to the same places to watch the sunset. You never know how different it will be. This time it was a delightful moment filled with a magic golden light that made the pine trees look like gold. I just had to snap a photo.

This view of the Chief through the trees at golden hour, I had never seen like this before. The last moments of light before the sun sets behind the mountains is always the most precious time I find.

The pine needles were glowing like sand in the sun. It was autumn, some of the trees had yellow tints to them. There was a thin layer of forest fire smoke, like a sheer curtain in front of the mountains that created a great multi-layer background.


To create the framing of the pine tree branches around the Squamish mountains in the background, I was leaning into a tree about mid height, with an elbow leaning on a branch. I leaned forward until the right about of tree branches were hugging the mountains.

Camera settings and editing

This image was shot on a Sony A6000 with a Tamron 28-75mm at:

  • 75mm

  • f/2.8

  • ISO 100

  • 1/800 sec.

This image was edited in Lightroom Classic. The edits made started with changing the edit profile to Modern 08. To bring out the details in the trees, the highlights were lowered and the shadows brightened. A small vignette was added to help bring the viewer into the frame.

Get this print in your home!

This print is available for purchase on my website here, or in my Etsy shop. While the photo above is in portrait format, I also have other versions of this print available in landscape format.

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